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Disagreements in the Church

May 19, 2024    Joe Shepherd

We are talking about 1 Corinthains 6:1-11. Paul is addressing the church because they have been taking each other to court to settle disagreements among themselves. This is not the way of the kingdom mentality. Paul uses this new way of life for the believer to identify how we are supposed to live according to the present reality of the kingdom as well as the preparation we are in for the future fulfillment of it. He says that this mentality is what separates us from the unbelieveing world in both action and motivation for living.

Paul gives a list of things dealing with sex, money and power about how the world uses them but that is not who we are anymore. We are new sharing in Christ death into this new way of life. Those things in this list are not who we are anymore and it is not what we do because we as believers are preparing for our life in the kingdom of God. The transformation away from these things is the confidence that we have that believers are the ones that will inherit the kingdom of God.