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We want to provide resources to help you SERVE Jesus.

Serve Jesus in your family (The Home): Resources on how to lead your family in worship, and on how to develop strong Godly marriages and raising children to know and follow Jesus.

Serve Jesus in His family (The Church): Resources to help you find and use your gifts, passions, resources, and experiences to serve Jesus in his spiritual family. Resources to help you see the Church as God's chosen instrument of advancing his Kingdom here on earth.

serve jesus in your family (the home)

The very first community God created was a husband and a wife. His intention was that as Men and Women in marriage developed their relationship with Him and each other, the world would be filled with worshippers. Whether you are single, married, or have children, you were born into a family that God loves and wants to be transformed. Here are some resources to help you serve Jesus in your family.

Books to Start With:

  • Family Worship: Throughout history, God's people have started by worshipping together in their own homes. They taught their kids to sing, pray, and understand God's word around their living rooms and their dining room tables. Learn how to lead your family in worship.

Books to Go Deeper:

Books that Go In Depth:

Additional Resources:

serve jesus in his family (the church)

We believe that the Church is the hope of the world, God's plan A for bringing his Kingdom to earth and for inviting others into relationship with Jesus. Every single person is important and has been given gifts, passions, resources, and experiences to be used to serve Jesus and his family.

Books to Start With:

START SERVING NOW: Are you ready to get involved at Cornerstone and start using your gifts right now? Fill out THIS link and let us know what area you're interested in and we'll get in contact and get you plugged in.


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