reflecting jesus

We want to provide resources to help you REFLECT Jesus.

Reflecting Jesus by transforming our INNER LIFE: Resources on understanding how the Holy Spirit takes the ROOTS of sin and brokenness in our hearts and works to restore, heal, and transform us.

Reflecting Jesus by transforming our OUTER LIFE: Resources to help take what Jesus is doing inside and express it in the FRUITS  of loving others including your enemies,, living with joy in the middle of trouble, having peace regardless of circumstances. and others.

reflecting jesus (inner life)

Learning about your INNER LIFE: The way we respond to others, the habits and attitudes we have, all flow out of our inner life. Jesus spoke about how our hearts need to be transformed and taught to love what he loves. Paul spoke about the Spirits work in helping us overcome temptation. We can't simply "do better" on our own. We need to understand our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls and then actively surrender them to the Spirit. Then he can help us start to look like the Savior we love.

Spiritual Practices that Help Reveal the Roots of Sin in us:

Often called disciplines of Abstinence- these practices help us to create space for the Spirit to speak. They show us the things that are controlling us other than the Holy Spirit. When we choose to abstain from certain things, we begin to see the idols that we are looking to for fulfillment.

(Click on the Practice for a downloadable description, and practical ways to do them on your own.

  • Solitude- To leave people behind and enter into time alone with God.
  • Silence- To free myself from the addiction to and distraction of noise so I can be totally present to the Lord; to open myself to God in the place beyond words.
  • Fasting- To let go of an appetite in order to seek God on matters of deep concern for others, myself, and the world.
  • Simplicity- Uncomplicating and untangling my life so I can focus on what really matters.
  • Secrecy- to follow the simple and often secret way of Jesus that puts to death our pride and desire for attention by not drawing attention to ourselves.

Books to Start With:

  • Union with Christ- We regularly sin because we are looking to fulfill legitimate needs and desires outside and apart from Jesus. When we discover how Jesus is able to satisfy us in ways that idols and things never will, we begin to look more like Jesus. We love what he loves because he is in us, and we are in him.
  • Habits of Grace- At some point every Christian is told they need to commit to spiritual disciplines like reading the Bible, praying, fasting, meditating, and others. However, learning to do these things on your own is often difficult. This is a simple, down to earth starter that will help you begin starting habits that will reshape you from the inside out.
  • Handbook of Spiritual Disciplines- This is a great book with simple 2 page explanations of what each discipline is and practical tips on how to practice them on your own.

reflecting jesus (outer life)

Reflecting Jesus in our OUTER LIFE: Obedience is the indication of whether or not we are actually following Jesus. We cannot simply hold the right beliefs, we must live lives of integrity that reflect the kind of actions that Jesus's life did. The Holy Spirit helps us to grow over time into looking more and more like Jesus.

Spiritual Practices that Help plant seeds that grow into the fruit of the Spirit in us:

Often called disciplines of Engagement- these practices help us to partner with God in the transformation of our hearts, minds, souls in a way that leads to obedience. We plant God's word, we focus our attention on God so that we can begin to live lives of love, joy, peace, patience and other characteristics of Jesus.

(Click on the Practice for a downloadable description, and practical ways to do them on your own.

  • Meditation- Meditation is a long, ardent gaze at God, his work and his Word. Slowing down and giving one's undivided attention to God lies at the core of Christian meditation.
  • Memorization- Memorization is the process of continually remembering the words, truths, and images God uses to shape us. Memorization provides us with a store of learning, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime. (Here is a downloadable list of scriptures to memorize that reinforce who we are in Christ)
  • Celebration
  • Service-Service is a way of offering resources, time, treasure, influence, and expertise for the care, protection, justice, and nurture of others. Acts of Service give hands to the second greatest commandment: "Love Your Neighbor as yourself."
  • Community- Christian Community exists when believers connect with each other in authentic and loving ways that encourage growth in Christ. There are many commands that we are to put into practice with "one-another". Here is a list for you to choose one to start with. 

Books to Start With:

  • More resources to come