pointing to jesus

We want to provide resources to help you point others to Jesus.

Pointing to Jesus with Words: Resources on how to share God's story and your own story, and how to explain what we believe to those who are exploring what Christianity is all about.

Pointing to Jesus with Actions: Resources to help you take your faith seriously and how it is supposed to be used to bring tangible expressions of love into a dark and hurting world. 

pointing to jesus (with words)

Talking to others about Jesus: We know it can be awkward to do if you've never done it. How do you tell somebody God's news when it took 66 books in the Bible to do it? Where do you start? We like to use the 3 Circles method for conversation. It was developed by North American Mission Board (NAMB). 

Here is a video that explains itVideo

Books to Start With:

Books to Go Deeper:

Books that Go In Depth:

pointing to jesus (with actions)

Showing others Jesus: We need to make sure that our actions show that God is real and cares about people and their struggles. We want to come alongside the hurting, broken, poor, powerless, and vulnerable. Our faith must be accompanied by action in the words of Jesus's brother James. 

One of the organized ways that we do this is through the missions we support. If you would like to serve or get more information about who we partner with, contact us.

Books to Start With:

  • When Helping Hurts: How do we help those in material need without causing them harm and making them dependent? How do we unleash them to flourish the way God designed them and respect their worth and dignity? This book addresses many of those questions.

Books to Go Deeper:

Books that Go In Depth:

  • The Divine Conspiracy Continued: Dallas Willard unpacks how the Christians are called to advance the Kingdom of God through their jobs. He specifically speaks to teachers, artists, lawyers, politicians, doctors, and businessmen. If you are looking to connect your faith to your work and how it can point others to Jesus this is a great book.


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