In the New Testament, people who believed the good news – that Jesus died and came back from the grave – were baptized. The New Testament book of Acts (a report on the launch of the early church) records thousands of baptisms, one after another. Everyone who believed in Jesus was immediately told, “Get baptized!” That means they were immersed or dunked completely under the water. As they did this, they were not only obeying what was commanded, they were portraying the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus in water. For 2000 years, baptism by immersion is how hundreds of millions of people have expressed faith in Jesus (he was baptized this way, also).  

This is why we’re big fans of baptism and consider it a crucial spiritual step for each believer. If you want to identify as a member of Cornerstone, we say what the apostles told all those early believers: “Get baptized!” And, we ask you to be baptized by immersion, if you haven’t already obeyed that step. If our practice differs from what you’ve encountered elsewhere, or you want to dig into the biblical reasons for it, we can help. We have tools you can use on your own, or we can sit down and discuss it. Please, just ask!

If you're ready to take that step or just want to learn more let us know by contacting us.