my next step: attend next step

The first two steps nearly everyone takes at Cornerstone are to...

  1. attend one of our Sunday gatherings,
  2. stop by the welcome center afterward so we can meet you!

After that, the primary way people investigate Cornerstone is by attending Next Step. Led by Nic Cook, our ead pastor, Next Step acquaints new attendees with our purpose, values and personality. Those who want to learn more about following Christ… about being baptized… or about being a member at Cornerstone will find this gathering valuable. At Next Step, we also have some fun, provide a light meal, and give you an opportunity to meet others whose spiritual paths have led them to Cornerstone.

Some questions we’ll try to answer at Next Step…

  • What makes Cornerstone unique? 
  • What does baptism mean? Is it necessary for me?
  • How is Cornerstone led?
  • What is expected of those who become church members?
  • How do I take the next step as a follower of Jesus?