If you're a parent, you probably want to know what your kids are up to. Well we want to help you out with at least a little bit of that. So we're inviting you to our CSM Open House on September 10 at 4:30pm at Cornerstone Community Church!

What is this open house?

  • You'll get to hear all about our vision for the Student Ministry at Cornerstone Community Church, as well as get to hear what God has placed on our hearts in regard to your children.
  • You'll have an opportunity to meet with the adult volunteers who will be spending a lot of time with students, specifically yours, on Sunday nights. It'll be a good chance to swap information with them!
  • We want you to have a voice too. Our goal isn't to leave you on your own or do this all ourselves: we want to partner with you. So you'll have some time to tell us a little about what you hope your child will get out of Student Ministry, as well as what we need to know to best help them!