Facility Use Guidelines

Facility Use Guidelines

Cornerstone Community Church

(Updated March 22, 2018)


The church building, facilities, and property are a part of the total ministry and vision of Cornerstone Community Church. With that in mind, when looking at the ministry that the facilities provide, we must consider the needs of the church, the fellowship of the church family (the people that make up the church family), and the opportunity to provide a service to the community.


Cornerstone Community Church mission is to make and multiply disciples that know, reflect, serve, and point others to Jesus.


First, the church facilities are for the ongoing functions of the church as a place for worship, fellowship, and coordination of ministry objectives.


Church-sponsored events and ministry functions have ultimate priority when scheduling the facility. Ministry Events must be submitted 30 days in advance. Outside requests may only be submitted 60 days prior to the event.  The facilities are provided free of charge for use to the various Ministry Teams and recognized groups for conducting worship, fellowship, training, and church business.


All requests will be given the following priority.

1. Regular attenders of Cornerstone Community Church (2-3x's per month) may use the facilities for personal events such as baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, receptions etc.

2. Other Churches

3. Para-church organizations

4. Community-based organizations


These activities need to be scheduled and on the church calendar. It is the responsibility of the various groups to make sure their need for the facilities is scheduled. We must, however, be willing to work with each other to accommodate changes, unexpected occurrences, or oversights. Our witness to the community must begin with our willingness to accommodate each other’s needs.


To preserve our tax-exempt status, products or services should not be sold. An exception may be granted where finances are provided to support a non-for-profit organization or ministry. This excludes direct sales ventures such as Pampered Chef, Tupperware, or stamping/scrapping parties where is product is sold. Any exception to this will made by the eldership.


All Cornerstone Community Church facilities have been dedicated for the purpose of honoring and serving God, therefore all activities that take place in any building should be conducted is such a way to uphold this purpose. The church reserves the right to deny usage of its facilities to individuals or groups that are opposed to the mission, purpose and beliefs of Cornerstone Community Church


This includes all activities and uses whether they involve people within the church family. Like church functions, these functions must be scheduled and on the church calendar to avoid conflicts with other uses of the facility.


Guidelines on Facility Usage 

  1. Areas Used: The activity should be confined to the area that was requested.
  2. Clean Up: Those using the facility should make an effort to clean up following their event. Instructions on how the room/area should be left will be provided by the church staff prior to the event.
  3. Restrictions: To assure enough time to prepare the church facility for Sunday mornings, outside events booked on Saturday must be completed and cleaned up by 4 p.m. An exception may be granted if a church staff member is sponsoring or is responsible for the event. Even in the event of this exception all Saturday evening events must be concluded by 9:00p.m. Multiple requests for similar-type events within a given week or month may also prevent additional bookings
  4. The use of decorations, the changing of furniture, attachment of materials to walls, and items of similar nature shall only be done with the advice and consent of the church staff. This applies particularly to weddings. No Glitter is allowed to be used.
  5. The audio-visual systems in the auditorium have been professionally designed. No additions or changes to the systems shall be made. These systems are to be operated only by authorized church personnel at the established fee schedule.
  6. No temporary structures shall be built anywhere on the premises without the consent of the church staff. This refers to such structures as platforms, structures or devices that attach to the floor, wall, or ceiling, or those that may damage coverings.
  7. Use of any portion of the property shall conform to city, fire, and safety options.
  8. Church staff or personnel of the church shall move and/or supervise the moving of any equipment and furniture when it is necessary for all scheduled meetings and events.

           Personal Conduct: 

  • All individuals in the building will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the purpose of the building
  • All youth and children activities must have adequate supervision throughout the activity.
  • Alcohol or illegal substances should not be consumed/used on church property (inside or outside the building).
  • Additionally, smoking should be confined to at least 15 feet away from the building as required by Illinois State Law.

            Equipment and Furnishings:

  • Musical and A/V equipment: No church owned instruments or A/V equipment may be taken or moved from church property without the permission of the Worship Minister.
  • Tables and Chairs: Tables and chairs may not be taken from any church campuses without the permission of the church staff. All Equipment & Furnishings should be scheduled by the procedure listed above. Additionally, it should be checked in and out by a church secretary

Categories of Use:

  1. Church sponsored event - No fee or deposit required - This includes any event considered a mission or fund raiser of the church: Easter egg hunt, baby or wedding showers for active attendees, and scouting activities, etc. Any CCC active supporting attendee may use the facilities for meetings that invite the Auburn community into the church.
  2. Personal Use (regular attenders) - $75 Deposit required - An event or gathering not church sponsored. These events have invited church members but are primarily personal family events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, reunions, etc.
  3. Outside Group Use - $75 Donation required
  4. Business/Professional Use - $75 Donation required
  5. Weddings- See Below



Audio-Video Operator Fee is $75 for 3 hours or less. Hours or fractions of hours beyond the 3 hours will be charged at a rate of $17 per hour. This fee applies both to the event and to any rehearsal time when the operator is needed.


Cleaning/Custodial Fee may be charged depending on the circumstances at the rate of $17 per hour. This will definitely be a factor for Saturday evening activities since chairs will need to be set up for Sunday worship.


Wedding Services:

Custodian: $75

Pastor: (suggested honorarium) $100

Auditorium: $125

Audio-Video Operator Fee- See above



A deposit of $75 will be requested to insure that the parts of the building used are returned to their prior state upon the conclusion of the event. Failure to do so will forfeit the deposit.


The set-up and take-down of any rental tables and chairs and any other additional equipment (from outside the church) are the responsibility of the individual organization renting our facilities, not of the church.


CCC will not be available for use for the following dates and times:

Christmas Eve, Holy Week (Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday), and VBS.